Coffee People

The coffee community is about people. People in diverse places with vast experiences.


A Grower's Story

Growers, in some of the most beautiful and exotic places in the world. Most did not travel to their destinations – they were there all along.

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A Roaster's Story

Roast it. Evaluate it. Adjust it. Re-evaluate it. Then repeat. They continue until the result is beautiful coffee.

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Our Story

We’ve learned that from one carefully grown, nurtured, harvested, and roasted coffee bean, we could produce many beautiful results. Many beautiful coffees.

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Words so often define us. They also define the things that are most important to us.

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Carefully Handcrafted. Beautifully Roasted. Just for you.

Beautiful coffee is created from the convergence of the stories of all of us.  Growers, Roasters, and Consumers.  Beautiful coffee is, in part, a product of the epic stories of people and places around the world.  Beautiful coffee is realized ultimately within the context of our stories.

Our coffees originate from only the highest rated premium green beans, cultivated by Growers globally recognized as the elite in their craft.

Our coffees are carefully curated, roasted to perfection, and delivered with unmatched freshness. By focusing on these values, we create coffees with beauty and flavor that cannot be easily found.

Ask us how we know that this is true!