Coffee People

A group of people drinking coffee

The coffee community is about people.  People in diverse places.  People with vast experiences. People living at a place, and in a moment of time.  In the coffee community, there are people who grow, people who roast, and people who consume.  And, oh my, do we consume!  We consume because we love.  But more on that later!

People have had stories for thousands of years of history, and each one of us today has our own ongoing story.  A story that is being told in this time and place.  A story that is constantly evolving and being appended.  Coffee People, like all people, form a tapestry of human stories.  Coffee people are a part of stories, and the tellers of stories.  Stories about all facets of our experience.  Stories about work, and life, and love, and family.  Stories of joy, and glory, and triumph, and sometimes even stories of pain, and loss, and defeat. 

Many of these stories are framed, philosophized, and told with a cup of coffee in our hand.  Sometimes in solitude, in the company only of our own thoughts.  Other times in community, among those with whom we are living in the moment.  Among those most important to us.  Among those with whom our lives are shared.  Some of those stories are even about the coffee itself. 

It is impossible to separate Coffee Stories from Life Stories.  It is equally impossible to separate our life stories from the stories of others with whom we connect.  Our stories, and their stories are like thousands of individual threads, woven together into what our eyes see.  The fabric created becomes the image and texture of our lives.  We see our own fabric and we also see the fabric of others around us.

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