Dulcis Stories

  • Coffee People

    A group of people drinking coffee
    Coffee People, like all people, form a tapestry of human stories.  Coffee people are a part of stories, and the tellers of stories.  Stories about all facets of our experience.  Stories about work, and life, and love, and family.  Stories of joy, and glory, and triumph, and sometimes even stories of pain, and loss, and defeat. 
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  • A Grower's Story

    A coffee farmer tossing beans
    Growers, in some of the most beautiful and exotic places in the world.  Most did not travel to their destinations – they were there all along.
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  • A Roaster’s Story

    Dulcis roasting coffee in dana point
    Roast it.  Evaluate it.  Adjust it.  Re-evaluate it.  Then repeat.  They continue until the result is beautiful coffee.  They continue in this cycle perpetually, because every bean, from every harvest, from every farm, in every locale is unique.
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  • Our Story

    Our Story
    Growers & Roasters - We’ve connected with their craft, and it has set the stage for our deeper understanding of what beautiful coffee requires.  We’ve learned that, from one carefully grown, nurtured, harvested, and roasted coffee bean, we could produce many beautiful results.  Many beautiful coffees
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  • Words

    Roasted beans from dana point California
    Words so often define us.  They also define those things that are most important to us.  For every life, there are experiences, and for every experience, there are stories.  For every story, there is the shaping of the person. What words describe your coffee?  What words describe those closest to you?  What words describe you?
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