A Grower's Story

A coffee farmer tossing beans

Growers, in some of the most beautiful and exotic places in the world.  Most did not travel to their destinations – they were there all along.  Connected, sometimes for many generations, to the land, with its vegetation, soil, and climate.  They didn’t just know about the land, they were a part of it.  Growers knew firsthand that the very best coffee beans must first be connected to this place.  Location was the first “most important” thing.  Through the generations, they learned also that coffee growing required a meticulous attention to all of the details.  Planting, nurturing, protecting, harvesting, washing, drying.  This attention to detail was critical in their pursuit of excellence.  

To be most excellent, all of these parts of the process require an intense focus on quality.  Only the very best of these growers are willing then to submit to rigorous external evaluation of their produce.  One that results in elite recognition.  One that the coffee community uses as the international standard.  They submit to this process because they care deeply for their craft.  Because they care deeply for their product.  Because they care deeply for their family.  Because they care deeply for their tradition.  Because they care deeply for their way of life.  All of these things, with the stories that connect them, have painted a portrait of who they are. 

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