A Roaster’s Story

Dulcis roasting coffee in dana point

Roasters care for their craft too.  Not volume roasters, who fill the shelves of supermarket and national coffee shop chains annually with millions of tons of familiar brands.  Rather, elite Micro Roasters, who understand that it is the coffee bean first, then its careful and evaluative roasting execution, that matter the most.  These roasters, committed solely to producing beautiful coffee, know that only the highest quality beans can ever be used.  To start with anything less would be to compromise the beauty of the result.  

Only in recent years has it become clear that roasting is firmly rooted in objective science – chemistry and physics.  The application of the Scientific Method to the analysis of the roasting process.  Controlling and adjusting the myriad variables, systematically, in order to optimize the best qualities of a particular coffee bean.  Elite Micro Roasters are committed to this careful process for each and every one of their roasts.  They apply their knowledge and best practice to the roast.  Roast it.  Evaluate it.  Adjust it.  Re-evaluate it.  Then repeat.  They continue until the result is beautiful coffee.  They continue in this cycle perpetually, because every bean, from every harvest, from every farm, in every locale is unique.

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