Roasted beans from dana point California
Words so often define us.  They also define those things that are most important to us.  For every life, there are experiences, and for every experience, there are stories.  For every story, there is the shaping of the person.  The changing of the person.  The growth of the person.  For both who we are and who we aspire to be, there are words that describe us.  Words that describe us, and things of importance to us.  Words that describe our coffee.  Words that also describe us. What words describe you? They may be same words that describe your coffee.  Words that can simultaneously describe a product and the humans who love it so.  Abiding.  Ascendent. Arousing. Beloved.  Bold.  Brilliant.  Captivating.  Cathartic. Charismatic.  Comforting.  Complex.  Decadent.  Delightful.  Divine.  Edgy.  Elevating.  Eternal. Fragrant.  Fascinating.  Glamorous.  Glorious.  Graceful.  Heavenly.  Humble.  Hearty.  Impeccable.  Inimitable.  Inspirational.  Intimate.  Jubilant.  Kind. Liberating.  Lovely.  Magical.  Magnificent.  Mystical.  Natural.  Nonconformist.  Nuanced.  Organic.  Orgasmic.  Original.  Passionate.  Philosophical.  Pleasant.  Poetic.  Potent.  Quixotic.  Redemptive.  Relevant.  Robust.  Sanctified.  Satisfying.  Seductive.  Soothing.  Spiritual.  Stimulating.  Superb.    Textured.  Truthful.  Transcendental.  Urban.  Vibrant.  Warm.  Welcome.  Wild.  Zestful.  What words describe your coffee?  What words describe those closest to you?  What words describe you?

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