"MI'AA WALXAXAA" Ethiopia Guji Gigesa Washed

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What does this mean and how do you say it?  You will need to research this for yourself!

The Guji Gigesa Washing Station is in the Shakiso district of Ethiopia, and rests at an approximate elevation of 1900 meters - perfect for growing beautiful coffee cherries with distinctive fruitiness.  This comes from the same farms as our very popular "Bomba de Mirtilo".  But this version is Washed rather than Natural.  In its Washed state, it has achieved the highest SCA cupping score of any coffee that we have offered to-date.

Roasted optimally, the result is a complexity unsurpassed by any other bean that we have previously roasted. Our "coffee-loving panel of experts" identified delicious citric acidity (lemon, lime, and grapefruit), green grape, sugar cane, and light floral flavor notes that left each expert wanting more!  As roasted, it presents itself with complex acidity, light body, and tea-like mouthfeel.  Similar in acidity to its Natural counterpart, but much more complex.  Put simply, you're gonna love this!