"BLACK BEAUTY" Sumatra Kerinci Tujuh

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Flavor Notes – Chocolate, Raisin, Molasses, Caramelized Sugar, Honey, and Full-Bodied.  

The Gunung Tujuh area is a higher elevation coffee zone around Mount Kerinci. The cooperative serves about 450 farmers in the area who are divided into 24 farmer groups , 4 of which are specifically women’s farmer groups. Many of the farms in this area are planted in older Typica types, and benefit from the high slopes, situated between 1400 - 1500 meters above sea level. This is a wet hulled coffee, also known as "giling basah".  This rustic process method, distinctive to Sumatra, yields an earth-toned, bodied cup, with mild acidity and syrupy sweetness. The green bean takes on a dark green hue, unlike wet or dry process coffees from other producing countries.