"MEL PRETO" Colombia Nariño Aponte

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Flavor Notes – Molasses cookie, dark fruit, date, and fig.  Fruited accents are inextricably bonded with its unrefined core sweetness.  

This honey processed coffee comes from an indigenous group in a nearby region called Aponte, just east of Buesaco town.  The people of Aponte are Inga, a pre-Colombian ethnic group related to the Incas, their native tongue being Inga Kichwa.  This is a protected reservation, and as such, they have their own government and are generally outside the Colombian government’s reach.  Aponte is located in a misty paramó region around 1900 meters above sea level.  Six different growers contributed to this lot of coffee.  Honey processing is a method where the cherry and some of the dried fruit are removed, leaving behind a thin layer of fruit which is then laid out to dry slowly.  This creates a “fruit-forward” flavor with subtle fermentation.