"BOMBA DE MIRTILO" Ethiopia Guji Gigesa Natural

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The Guji Gigesa Washing Station is in the Shakiso district of Ethiopia, and rests at an approximate elevation of 1900 meters - perfect for growing beautiful coffee cherries with distinctive fruitiness.  This is a "natural", meaning that the cherry remains on the bean during the drying process.

The result is that the aroma and flavor can only be described as stunning!  It's roast name translated to English is Blueberry Bomb, and you will very quickly come to know how true this is.  But to describe it by one fruit alone does not do it justice.  This bean is a complex bouquet of flavors and aromas, including cherry, milk chocolate, and tropical fruit, that will present themselves to you in the most fabulous way.  As roasted, it presents itself with moderate acidity, yet full bodied, and sweet, sweet, sweet!  We are sure that this will become a favorite to many!