"SWEET LOU'S DECAF" Honduras Marcala Honey

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Sweet Lou's comes our way from a collective of small producers in the Marcala region of Honduras.  Named after the immortal Louis Viera Gomes, it is distinctive from other DECAF coffees in a few ways.  First and foremost, it "cups" like no other decaffeinated coffee we have ever tasted.  Beautifully and naturally sweet and smooth!   Second, this is a Honey Process coffee, resulting in greater retention of the natural flavors of the cherry.  We think this translates to a more intense flavor experience in the cup.  Third, caffeine is removed with the Mountain Water process, using only pure water from Pico de Orizaba in Mexico (and no chemicals).  Finally, this coffee is Certified Organic!

Sweet Lou's roasts beautifully across a wider range of temperatures than most, permitting a wider range of flavors that can reach the cup. This offering is at a Full City Plus level, and has resulted in a full-bodied cup with a blend of Milk Chocolate and Spice flavor notes, with lots of natural sweetness.  Wonderful in every way, but without the effects of caffeine!  Have a cup or two late, and still sleep like a baby!